Sugar Nova is an electro-pop duo comprising Luke Miller and Rachel Eisenstat. Their wondrous sound is an amalgamation of soulful vocals and pop beats with engaging accents of disco, funk, indie-dance, and electronica that scale dreamy soundscapes. The Denver-based duo uses their brand of chillwave sonics to excavate deep lyrical themes. Tiny Helicopters is the latest release by Sugar Nova.

As a part of Lotus, Luke has played festivals such as Electric Forest, Bonnaroo, and Ultra in addition to having headlined Red Rocks 14 times! Rachel, on the other hand, is a veteran singer who performs with various groups around the Denver area. The divine congruence of their sounds and styles is a sight for sore eyes.

Gliding with the levity of dandelions, the song is a meadow of swirling dreams. Its delicate contours are set up by Rachel’s dainty vocals and faint synth pulses. The static acoustics of Rachel’s mellifluous vocals thrives amidst Luke’s dynamic and dancing soundscape. With roaming laser synths, the song engenders electric visuals. Trippy light shows and psychedelic spirals land us in beautiful worlds of blossoming synths and technicolor beats. And the euphonic leitmotifs that trace the magical trail of the vocals seamlessly propel us to exhilarating summits.

Formed in 2022, the duo is all set to release their full-length debut album in 2023 which will feature their releases, Send Me Higher, Gospel Hour (2AM), and Tiny Helicopters.

Available on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music!

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