Singer-songwriter and pop artist, Sumner Stroh has just released her debut single, Love To Hate. The track takes incredible style curves, revealing a wealth of pop layers packed seamlessly into it. Blending bedroom moods and mellow synths with igniting punk-pop and energetic synth-pop, she achieves a rich soundscape that is reminiscent of diverse palettes belonging to artists like Avril Lavigne, Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish, and Ariana Grande. 

The track opens with soft vocals effervescing from mellow synth rivulets before it expands into a riff-edged and beat-powered rock-pop. Channeling her defiant and sassy energy, the next frame comes flavored with a 90s punk rebellion/ dark pop that carries into the second verse. She snatches the attention of the listener with badass lyrics, as she embraces the common narratives of “the psycho chic” and transforms its implications with an iconic attitude. Underlined with resounding self-worth and sultry tangents, the track is charged with proud femininity and empowering youth. 

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