Alex Prusmack and Johnny Santoro are resolved to create a better and more beautiful world with their unique musical fusions. And by harnessing the transformative power of Christmas time, the duo adds to their catalog of feel-good, harmony-inspiring music with their new release, It’s Christmas Time Again under their label Sumthing Strange.

The project was formed with a vision to vanquish the evils of the world with its euphonic messages of love and peace. Since its debut in 2020 with Home, the artists have been consistently spreading hope and joy with their elating music. The duo has released nine songs and an album in 2022 alone. Using electric blends and heartfelt vocals, the songs elate our minds and lighten our souls.

A surge of warmth. That’s how I would describe the song. The track is made up of molten synth swirls and resonant cello melodies that cast a reflective spell on us. And as the smoky delight of the baritones evokes an insurmountable gratitude and kinship, the lyrics remind us of what matters the most – love, kindness, and compassion. With Christmas jingles and melodies sprinkled across the track, the artists infuse us with gooey goodness and happiness that resonates with the joy of the holiday spirit.

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