Coming in strong with a gleaming holiday enthusiasm, Tara Hack has just released her latest, I Wish That It Could Be Christmas. This song is for everyone who can’t wait to be with their loved ones for the holidays after a long year of hard work. The anticipation and palpable excitement in the song spreads an infectious cheer.

The track is incredibly wholesome. With Christmas melodies hooking magnificently through the synth pops, it is a total feel goo-ood track! Add to this, the dreamy vocals and endearing lyrics, we can’t help but expand with celebration ad joy. We see chirpy Christmas bells and violins, twinkling synths embedded in a trippy soundscape. The seamless coalition of Christmas-themed melodies and eclectic synths is as graceful and smooth as a serendipitous moment.

The artist’s virtuosic use of tempo and patterns to distill synths and vocals into energetic and catchy tunes of melody is commendable. Hack uses fun ad-libs, addictive lyrics, and musical leitmotifs that inescapably loop into the mind. Rivers of voluptuous synths beautifully connect sparkling islands of vocals and harmonies. Definitely one of my favorite holiday releases so far!

Available on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music!

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