The Boston-based indie rock band, The Freight delivers a bluesy cover of Gwen Stefani’s electro-pop hit song, Cool (2005). They switch out Gwen’s flamboyant style for heavy and soulful rock arrangements, whilst still retaining the vibe and sonic trends of the time. The track is dressed in emphatic riff breaks, matching beats, stray synths, and the melodic vocals of Erin MacKenzie. The storytelling pace and lilting tone weaves in a loose country setting that is offset by the weighted rock accents forming simultaneously.

In many ways, The Freight’s version is very close to the original soundtrack with respect to tempo, melody, and framework. But the band has not shied away from infusing the track with their thematic interpretation and nostalgic temperament. They explore the rock spheres featured in the original, and extend it to form energetic and uplifting motifs. The emo pop synthetics are transformed by warmer textures and rock sensibilities; the resultant soundscape reminiscent of the 70s classics.

The Freight are Adam Tiro – Guitar/Vocals, Greg Tragellis – Keys/Vocals, Stephen Anderson – Bass, Marc Loverin – Drums, John Marinilli – Percussion.

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

You can listen to Cool by The Freight and Erin MacKenzie here –