The Magic Epic is the musical moniker of Brighton based soul-pop artist, and pianist Toby Juan. His music can be characterized by its high emotional quality, fleshed out by acutely sensitive melody design. With a remarkable ability to deliver potent and pure music, listening to his music is like a breath of fresh air. The Magic Epic delivers a grand synth-pop with his latest release, Player 1 (Radio Edit). Listeners of One Republic, Coldplay, Zedd, and Calvin Harris are sure to enjoy the cumulative vibrancy of emotion and electronic music of this track. 

The track opens with a garland of acoustic piano. Which is then expanded with technicolor synths and hyperactive beats; their magic unlocked by the stellar arcs of Toby’s soothing falsettos. And the production value of this track is off the charts. It widens the sonic horizon and dimensionalizes it without compromising the signature soul elements that Toby resonates with. 

With his musical influences dating back to the 60s – John Lennon, Billy Joel, and Otis Redding, the artist has a refined ability to seamlessly blend emotion and music to produce touching compositions. The Magic Epic officially  debuted in 2021 but has been busking and musically involved for years now. 

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Player 1 (Radio Edit) by The Magic Epic here – 

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