The Portland Sound will be proud of the unique output they have. From flowing guitars melting into synths and vice versa, to electronica haven-you get a bit of everything. This duo hopes to interest you with whichever flavour they pick up from the hat that day. Pink is the result of one of those days, a mélange extraordinaire of a strange sound.

With Fiona Ker on the vocals, they use the idiosyncrasies of musicians to create a progression that is uncommon to say at the least. It hums and buzzes with a strange energy, and doesn’t reflect the kind of sound you’d expect from a pop group. However, we forget they are no ordinary pop group. This sound they’ve forged, is from a smelt of iron and will. The wailing guitar brings the lead to a halting, precarious change of sound and styles. It has a new wave haunt to it, but Fiona exerts the flow that a song like this would need to offset the experimental fusion of eclectic sounds that are going on. It is like surfing through channels on the radio, understanding what The Portland Sound are trying to express as their own. Exciting and fresh.

If you’ve explored indie playlists all over Spotify, it is possible that you’ve picked up their sound with Kounoupi, their immensely successful track. Their EP called the Oxbow Lake EP is also worth delving into to find the kind of sound inspirations and compositions that give them the focus and energy they have.Listen to Radiohead in a fever dream here: