Underlined Passages combine a sound that is as explorative as it is traditionalist. A true fusion of the times, this band creates soundscapes that go far and wide to express the theme. The result is something hypnotic, stylish and a statement in how music is and will be. This is their single that dives into rich comfort and luxury. This is called Your Bedroom.

The classic beat and cocoon of sound are surprising to hear. They are a welcome window into synthwave, while having the connotations of the guitar tone. Chugging bass lines sound like a train track carriage, which carries the vocals as well. You get to hear something that Phil Collins would have developed into a flowering approach of more genres. As the tones spread out like pastry sheets, you can hear the overwhelming spectrums as one. Underlined Passages creates soothing tones that are a part of simple transitions, something that becomes immediately iconic. A brilliant melting pot of melodies for audiophiles, you know that there are more than a few reasons to love this song. The cozy atmosphere is maintained for the sacred theme it carries. Revel in a delight for all the senses. 

Feb. 1992, Couples Therapy and Bifurcation are some must listen. Some artists stick to the norm, some break out of it to create something around the framework.  Underlined Passages are the latter, and all the character is heard in the music. Listen to the single here and follow them for more!: