As I listen to Life Is Lovely by Weekend Getaway, I realize that it is impossible to ignore the natural force of their sound. It carries an astounding potential for positivity and tremors with an outpouring of love and grace. Featuring Eugene Owens and Kenneth Bentley, the track brings darkness to light.

The track brings back a refreshing brand of a feel-good jazz-pop orchestra. It has a full-on live music vibe, it fills the air, and it’s everywhere. Written by Marcus Vess, the song is a pushback against all of the negativity that seems to try and permeate our lives. The celebratory tunes and humbling lyrics were used as a vessel to encourage people to count their blessings and nourish their lives with gratitude and love.

It is impossible to remain unaffected by the light-hearted rhythm and melodies. Soaring trumpets, twinkling tunes, and peppy beats put a skip in your step and a smile on your face. “Life is lovely, it’s wonderful, It’s so amazing, it’s so good and we’re okay!” The vocals are jolly, immersed in an overwhelming feeling of love and gratitude. As the saying goes, look at anything with love and it becomes beautiful. The song acts as a veil of love, like a pair of red-tinted glasses, drenching the world with wonder and beauty.

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