Yves Narcissus is an evocate and fun storyteller. His music makes for an incredibly immersive experience that connects the soul, mind, and spirit with beautiful lines of melodies and sentiment. Since the release of his debut single, Demon Timing Freestyle, in 2021, the artist has been serving up back-to-back bangers like COLD NIGHT$, FLIGHT002, and GIULIA’S INTERLUDE! Yves Narcissus writes a love story dripping with nostalgic sadness, agony, betrayal, and loss with his new single, the day after valentine’s.

Do you know the empty feeling that follows the end of a festive occasion? A deep melancholic nostalgia and towering loneliness. That’s the feeling that underlies this track. Narcissus beautifully articulates this abstract grief and loss with well-written lyrics, captivating vocals, addictive hooks, and dance beats. All these elements come together like a dream, stitched intricately into an enjoyable rhythm by soulful harmonies. The elegance of the track is contained in its composition and vocal arrangements. The artist creates a profound emotional cavity that ties in the track perfectly.

His unique brand of catchy, dance-driven, soul-pop, and R&B has quickly accumulated a considerable fan base. His dedication to sound, style, and art resonate with an immutable passion that he passes onto us through his songs.

Available on Spotify, YouTube Music, and Apple Music!

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