Neo-soul and jazz-pop artist Zach Sanders has just released his brand new, feel-good single, Fine Wine. The east-coast singer-songwriter and saxophonist is reputed for his winning blends of upbeat pop, seasoned with magnificently smooth jazz textures. Effortless and charming, Sanders’ musical flows are easy to get lost in.

Having played and learned the saxophone during his formative years, the artist makeshifts the instrument’s soul to create immersive and mesmerizing melodies to line his passionate vocals. He is also known to employ innumerable musical textures which becomes evident from his previous work, First Move and Pretty Girl.

Lilting harmonies and translucent retro synths open the track and are expanded by Sanders’ infectious vocals. Energetic and groovy as hell, the track has you moving almost instantaneously. Cascading lines of saxophone melodies bleed all over the smoky baritone vocals. Reminiscent of Bruno Mars, the track has romance, sensuality, love, nostalgia, and a divine vibe that makes us come alive.

Singing of a relationship that has aged like fine wine, the artist gives us a peek into the evergreen joys that dwell in growing and aging with someone you love. The bejeweled saxophone solo in the bridge glistens with undeniable mirth and gleeful delight that tethers itself to you. Full with soul and passion, the song paints a portrait of love in all its glory.

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