House From L.E has just released their debut single, ‘No Time For Playing Games’. The R&B/ soul powered track is so exhilarating to consume. With sublime technique, the soundscape breaks into new spheres of dance, house music, synthwave, and disco. There’s a lot of inventive design making up the song. It is bold and evocative, creative and full of contrasts.

Even the production value is off the charts. It transfers focus with every arc, forging a tale from so many different perspectives. With the vocals, it’s a lyrical experience. Its narratives are vested with the madness, albeit lilting, of turbulent relationships. This emotion is given progression with layers of bright sonics, exuberant synths. They sport reflective, chromatic, and ethereal properties. There’s no fatigue because there’s a new reign of perspective always around the corner.

The rhythms are incredibly dynamic. Disco frames are phased out into experimental grooves. At one point there’s an echoing percussive impression before a funk motif dances in. We also see afrobeats trailing along with clapping sounds. With so many moving parts, the artist forever transforms the dimensions of house music. Come sip on this cocktail of love and passion now!

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

You can listen to ‘No Time For Playing Games’ by House From L.E here –