Joe Lington will change the game with the flick of a switch. His R&B and pop heavy tracks have been something of a phenomenon lately, and we have been addicted as listeners. His latest single turns up the appeal, and he creates something cool and groovy. This one is called Black Desire. 

Though this song starts in spoken word, the groove keeps the rhythm moving. There is a humming that keeps us dancing, which is where the beat is as well. Truth is where Joe Lington is basing his music off of, and he speaks facts through his music. It is minimal in its core, and there are plenty of subliminal messages that he puts across with this track. This is soul with a powerful monologue at its core. Almost like an interlude, the song is short and makes for an engaging track that has all the good vibrations. Joe Lington wants you to balance into the track with your wings spread, and he has fun making the music he does. 

This is from his 2022 album with the same name. Having mellow, soothing and sensual tracks that cement his name, Joe is going to keep delivering hits. You can listen to his single here and follow him for more that is to come in the coming months!: