Joe Lington is giving you a gift of listening to a double album. A few indie artists have the kind of class and image that Joe has. His R&B and soul mixture is something he has detailed and crafted over several years. This release just gives to us some of the most well produced music I’ve heard in a while. You might feel your clothes tremble. This is his latest, Focus

The title track is enough of a prelude to someone who would want to enjoy this album. Silken melodies string by to create a luxurious texture. It is like listening to a white tux talk to a Rolex, and I’d be glad to hear that conversation. He can modulate his voice any which way, and Joe Lington does it with ridiculous ease. The booming effects around his voice will once again come in the spotlight, for you to explore. As the album comes to focus (no pun intended), you see the melding textures and tones coming together with a soothing vibe. Songs like Changerais will show you why Joe is able to play with his voice like it is an external instrument. 16 songs in one album is worth a whole lot of gratitude. 

You can listen to his single below, and watch out for his performances and soulful music. He has quite the catalogue to explore and more to come, so enjoy his single and album here!: