Marvin Dark wants to make R&B known again. He’s doing it in a pretty creative way. Approaching it like his pet project, he creates addictive melodies that seem to have an outpour of heart and soul to it all. His latest single has some of his best vocal work, and it should be no surprise. This is his latest, Holdin’ On. 

There must be a reason people are addicted to the Picture This singer. It is quite simple. Appealing, seductive, melodic and direct, his music doesn’t beat around the bush. In fact, the melody seems to be an offshoot of his vocals, and he ballet dances with it with ease. The beats on this single are especially addictive, with Marvin Dark getting up close and personal. There is a minimal background element as well, especially in the verse section, it’s you and his opal shining voice. It showcases how much he fine-tunes his talent, to make it seem like we are earning his song. The production ensures you’re listening to Marvin Dark, and no one can sound like him for a reason. 

Understand Me and Do It Some More are some super hits that I think you will particularly enjoy. He puts out some polished, special work that is a once in a lifetime talent. Listen to the song and let me know what you think!: