ANOUSH classically trained musician, pianist, lyricist, recording artist, and producer. Her musical consciousness manifests as diverse spheres of genre, style, emotion, and rhythm. Her latest release is the ONE album that perfectly exemplifies her versatile passion and sonic personalities. The twelve track LP splits into neo-classicals, reggae pop, ethereal folk, commercial pop, and dance electronica. It portrays a vivid artistic portrait of ANOUSH’s creativity, curiosity, and candor. Even the name, ONE, in light of the collection, suggests her love for exploration and nuanced execution of different genres in ways that tell her stories and realities.

iTunes Artwork for 'One (by Anoush)'

Taken from this album is California Daze. Reggae beats and smoky vocals converge to create a dreamy tropical mood. It is constructed with a grounding surrealism. ANOUSH induces a carefree atmosphere that celebrates hedonism, mystique, and the small joys of life and love. Using warm pallets and enjoyable melodies, she uncovers the best ways to get through life in a California Daze. Listen Now!

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