Collin Henryzx is a Reggae and Soca artist based in Georgetown, Guyana. He has built his own unique discography over the past three years by releasing music consistently with “Miss Sweet Thing” being his 12th single. Inspired by Reggae, Dancehall, Soca and Soul music from a really young age Collin Henryzx puts on display his vocal ability and production technique on this track.

Soca is a genre of music developed by Lord Shorty, originating in Trinidad and Tobago in the early 1970s. “Miss Sweet Thing” has an interesting guitar tone as a fundamental element that sonically dominates most of the track. The percussion on the track is hard-hitting enough to make you want to dance at the same time smooth enough to still have a chill energy around it.  The vocal tone Collin Henryzx has chosen to use is staunch which stands in juxtaposition to the colourful instrumentation. The production on the song, especially when it comes to the ambience that it creates is impressive.

I personally found the cover art for the track to be slightly questionable. The hook “Miss sweet thing, come lay your body next to mine” uses repetition as a device to make sure it stays in your head. The track doesn’t use adlibs until the very end when Collin Henryzx signs off.  Lyrically the track is an uninhibited and audacious advance. It is sprinkled with lessons to live your life by in lines like “Don’t walk away from love” and “Stand and face fears”, which is a common lyrical theme in the genre.

If you are looking to dance at sunset to a track that embodies warmth and energy, “Miss Sweet Thing” by Collin Henryzx is the one for you.