François Marius is your modern day rastaman. This is a genre that people forget to mention for its catchy grooves and stylish executions. With each song, this artist cements his place as the go-to Rasta artist, and there is no one who achieves a flow like this. This is his latest single, Rasta Dance. 

If there are dance genres, this one deserves to be in one of the top. The easygoing shuffle, the stylish delivery, the echoing melodies, they all make it absurdly enjoyable. François Marius is almost rapping in French, the way he constructs the lyrics are fun as well. Some fall like tongue twisters, especially to people who aren’t used to listening to or speaking in the language. The authenticity is captured very well in the song, and it pushes the envelope for how people listen to Rasta. You can listen to his single below and decide by yourself, make sure you have your beach wear on. His starry night version is unique as well, how he approaches his imagination for songs of this kind. 

Ça Roule Rastaman is another one by this artist that will become a playlist staple. He is really conquering the genre as a musician, and there is no doubt people will be grooving to his music soon. Now listen to François Marius in his single, and don’t forget your double margarita!: