Medy Lema knows energy and proves it with every release. With beat grooves and rhythms that will have you coaxing and curving your body, his soundscapes are an engaging, old-school mix of dance sets, reggaeton pop and rap pop frameworks, and charismatic verses. The artist released his self-titled debut album early last year. Taken from this Medy Lema collection is the hit track, Paati Yah Suh. Its revolving grooves and infectious beats will automatically extricate the dance from you. Listeners of Pitbull, Daddy Yanke, Maluma and Don Omar are sure to enjoy the beat induced euphoria of this song. 

The track is made with emphatic beats, pounding on the soundscape. Its energy is built with anthemic vocal accents and stripped sing along type verses. Everything is matched to the beat, aligned with an intention to intrinsically cultivate the energy. The reggae elements dominate, leading and elevating the pop and rap scenes. Listening to the song instantly transports you to tropical carnival parties with its fun and flamboyance. Listen Now! 

The Belgian born and UK based artist debuted in 2018 with Yo! After a brief hiatus, he made a remarkable comeback in 2021 with tracks Lockdown and Fresh‘n’nu and then went on to release his debut album in the next year (2022). 

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Paati Yah Suh by Medy Lema here –