150 Friends Club is a neo-classical/ rock group led by UK-based pianist, guitarist, and singer-songwriter, David Goo. The artist has been musically inclined since a very young age, seeking out his euphonic roots relentlessly. 150 Friends Clubs was formed in his pursuit of like-minded musicians with whom he could explore and express minor key fantasies. He found it with drummer Oli Dacombe, bassist Charlie Coulson-Smith, and vocalist Mariya Brachkova. 150 Friends Club has just released their first EP of 2023, Giver Of Life. Sinner & Saint by 150 Friends Club sets us off into the sublime ocean of vocals and instrumentation. 

The Giver Of Life is a four track EP that fits into the band’s  larger second album, Preach which is set to be released by the end of 2023. Goo explains that the EP is a rock opera that chronicles the highs and lows of raising children who he metaphorized fondly as vampires.

Sinner & Saint is a warm outpour of operatic violins, acoustics, and rock guitars in an orchestral setting. The vocals swim across this backdrop with a grand surreality, glistening with passion and melancholy. And something has to be said about the remarkable track development and production. Transitioning seamlessly from the smooth pastel scapes of classical melodies to a dominant rock style without disrupting the surrealism is an impressive feat in and of itself. 

The 150 Friends Club has several accolades to their name. Having gigged across London, their initial tracks, Cutting Corners was picked up by a TV advert. David Goo was also tasked with writing a song for eBay’s 2021/22 TV and Radio campaign. Even though he humbly aduces it to luck, his talent says otherwise. 

The EP, Give Of Life is available on Amazon Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, and Apple Music! 

You can listen to Sinner & Saint from the Giver Of Life EP by 150 Friends Club here –