Aaron Toronto is a musician, writer, actor, singer and overall, a multifaceted creative spirit. He has walked alongside music from a young age with piano lessons, choirs, musical theatre and bands all being a part of his upbringing. The music he creates now lies within the realms of Pop and Rock. He has been releasing music since 2012 and has built up an extensive discography of singles, with his new single “Let’s Start Again” reinforcing the positivity and vulnerability he is known for.

The track is instrumentally quite simple with the strings and percussion forming a majority of the instrumentation. The beats are light and energetic while the bass guitar really ties things together even though it is sonically only an undercurrent. The core electric guitar riff stays prominent throughout and I particularly liked the string instrumentation on the second verse.

Aaron Toronto gives a vocal performance that is cheery, joyful and feels straight from the heart. His musical theatre influences are evident in the theatrics of his voice with which he sometimes taps into a spoken-word like inflection. Just when you think you know where the track is going it shifts into a minor sonic landscape during the elaborate bridge.

Lyrically the track explores ways of moving forward without lingering on the past. As the title suggest “Let’s Start Again” is a fresh way of looking at the future. Lines like “It’s always darkest before the Sun” show the listener that it possible to overcome darkness and that it does not last forever.  The line “Don’t make the same mistake twice” makes it clear that moving ahead is also about processing the past and learning from it instead of ignoring it. He refers to the ocean, sky and sun tying in nature to the lyrical theme. Though the track explores troubles through the lens of a relationship, it could be easily applicable to life itself, starting every new day afresh.

If you are looking for a dose of upbeat positivity, make sure to check out “Let’s Start Again” by Aaron Toronto!