Activ8te is the creative moniker of a techie and cyber-security engineer from California. With a pronounced flair for EDM, the artist inculcates his electro-pop songs with the nuances of his work. The artist uses futuristic weaves, and post-modern styles to create engaging dystopias of cyber threats like stalking, illegal tracking, data theft, etc. In his new track, I AM TRACKING YOU, featuring AENDZI, ACTIV8TE fleshes out the dangers of losing your privacy through the technology we use everyday in our lives. It tells the story of how powerful spyware can steal your secrets and make you vulnerable to all kinds of threats.

Using honeysuckle vocals and silky smooth synths, the artist brings the perils of phone tracking to the forefront. By crafting lyrics around common phone habits, the artist dives into vulnerable scapes of the mind and subconsciously automates suspicion and wariness in the mind.

The contours of the track are laced with vibrant neon synths, brought to life by dubstep beats. He uses the romantic appeal of high synthetics to manifest the futuristic implications of today’s reckless cyber trends and careless habits. Driven by enchanting vocals, the track is designed to have melodies and waving basslines coalesce to form a harmonious web of wonder-pop.

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