Andrea Pizzo and The Purple Mice are a heterogenous collective of artists who combine the genres of Rock, Pop and Electronic music. They have been releasing music since 2020 and have several EPs, albums and singles under their belt. The band consists of Pizzo who serves as the visionary for the family, contributing in terms of vocals, lyrics, music and video. Riccardo Morello on vocals, piano and composition along with producer Roberto Tiranti form the main pillars of the group while Raffaella Turbino contributes to the lyrics and image-making and little Maria Elena adds to the various phases. Their latest single “The Machine” is an exploration of the relationship between human beings and artificial intelligence.

The track starts off with an eery background sound and a skit of and numbers being dialled in on a telephone. A sound of being sucked into the vortex along with static dominates the environment while a robotic voice takes over. The sound of the vortex continues to become louder and takes shape as a key element on the track as the percussion kicks in. The beat is heavy without much bass and has many claps built into it. I thought it was catchy and one of the foundational elements for the track.

The vocals are double layered at times and sounds like the voice of a robot and a monster coming together. The vocal performance feels intentionally unreliable with a screeching menace to it.  The lead vocalist’s range is explored further as the track progresses. The song is inundated with sound effects like keys that sounds like stars and ambulance sounds. The bass guitar on the last verse is subdued yet one of my favourite elements on the track. The final verse also brings with it production that sounds similar to artists like Daft Punk.

Lyrically the track is from the perspective of “The Machine” who ‘Keeps Watching You’. The idea of constant surveillance under the guise of protection and how it can know, fulfil and manipulate your desires are explored. I quote enjoyed the wordplay on “I’m so sweetie like a cookie” for cookies on the web that track activities.  It serves as commentary on human dependency on machines that is ever-increasing and the possible disastrous consequences of the same.

The song has been available since January 19 2024 as a way to commemorate the invention on the first PC Virus. You can check out Andrea Pizzo and the Purple Mice here: