With a flair for the avant-garde, American pop artist and singer-songwriter, Angela Chambers uses her sound to make non-existence, exist. The artist thrives in discovering creativity in chaos. She’s quick to adapt with beautiful improvisations that catalog her eclectic technique and style. This is evident in Angela Chambers’ latest single, Unfold, in which the artist serves up an enigmatic showcase of graceful unbecoming.

The highlight of the track is easily the vocals. Its sharp glassy texture grinds with an immutable rhythm. Using a simple beat structure, the artist builds the song up with the kaleidoscopic flourish of her vocals. Their smoky texture rises with the salvation of wisdom as it rises through the compounds of synth melodies and beats.

The artist is also a master flutist and performance artist. We see a sliver of ascending flute melodies towards the bridge. The eccentric rhythm, expressive vocals, and vivacious beat clusters put on a sweeping cinema of disillusioning hypnotism.

Driven by her curiosity and courage to find herself and her sound, Chambers released her debut single, Etched in 2020 and has since released five singles and two albums.

Available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Gaana!

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