Angry Robota is a German artist who is fairly new in the music scene, releasing music under this pseudonym only since the beginning of 2024. His relatively muted social media presence ensures that he is shrouded in mystery and his head gear makes it clear that this anonymity is intentional. He follows the path of other electronic music producing DJs like Marshmellow, Deadmau5 and Daft Punk. While his ideas and lyrics come from within him, the production and vocals on his tracks electronically composed. His third and latest single “Gewitter”, meaning thunderstorm in German is a relaxing melody.

The track has a very laid-back and chill ambience to it which the synth in the background is largely responsible for creating. The percussion is bass-heavy but the fact that it is spaced out ensures that it doesn’t overpower the other sonic elements. The vocals are intentionally chopped up making it sound like spoken-word at times with the multiple layers creating an echo.  Some parts of the voice, especially during the pre-chorus sound inundated with emotion.

The production allows for the pausing of instrumentation, when necessary, in order to enhance the vocals. I particularly enjoyed the last 30 seconds when the track winds down in a melancholic manner. The light key tones that sound like raindrops stand in perfect juxtaposition to the deeper sonic palette of the track in my opinion.

While a lot of electronic music production tend to be on the side of hard hitting and heavy, I am really glad to see softer smoother electronic production on “Angry Robota” by Gewitter. Go listen to it here: