avPOLAr is an Electronic Dance Music project consisting of composer Vern Connor and producer Angus Woodhead. The duo plays with digital synth arrangements and rhythms, inviting vocalists to add their own style and lyricism to their club music. Their third single “Say My Name” features singer-songwriter Tara Ashleigh.

The electronic production on “Say My Name” is consistently intense, urgent and high-energy. The glitchy environment takes its time to build up before leading us to the beat drop. The bass-heavy percussion is a pivotal element on the track, keeping it alive and groovy. The electronic effects used contribute to the hypnotising, trippy ambience while the synth notes, back-up vocals and horns add much needed texture to the song. Tara Ashleigh’s vocals are airy, strong and captivating. She holds the track together and uses her vocal range to the song’s advantage.

Lyrically the track starts off like a narration, describing vividly the story of coming home after a bad experience and waiting for the other nasty end of a fight. It explores themes of infidelity, the hurt after rejection and the pride of knowing someone will return. I enjoyed the unfolding of a material and physical experience and thought that it was interesting to have Make-up, its ability to conceal or the way it can signify a dishevelled experience as a motif on the track. The song’s title “Say My Name” is a call for recognition of her identity. I thought that the intense production on “Say My Name” by avPOLAr matched the dark themes of the songwriting.

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