B-Mack is a band consisting of artist, musician, vocalist, instrumentalist and composer Bruce Mack along with co-producer and bassist Micheal Cox. Bruce Mack is a veteran of the New York music scene and an original member and former president of the Black Rock Coalition who has been releasing music with the band since 2017. The band’s latest release “Duckgrease Burning at The Crabhouse” is refreshing combination of funk and rock!

I really enjoyed the production on the track that visualises sound spatially and plays with ambience. A wavering sound in the background produces a psychedelic effect and the overall production feels quite nostalgic and vintage. The song has an old school hip-hop beat that is light and retro which when combined with the background vocals sets an upbeat tone for the rest of the track. The atmosphere of a club is recreated with sounds of people partying and chatting in the background which also makes the song feel like a live performance.

The lead vocals by B-Mack are smooth and jazzy and when combined with the sharp vocals of Ms Larayne produces a complementary sound. The bass guitar is really twangy and groovy, making it one of my favourite elements on the track. The keys that come in at the end of the first verse are sharp and cut through the smoothness of the track creating a sense of juxtaposition. The backup vocalists and their creative harmonies keep the track alive and the extended outro of the track gives a lot of time for the listener to wind down.

Lyrically “Duckgrease Burning at The Crabhouse” is an invitation to slip, slide and dance like there is duckgrease on your feet and let the crabhouse know of your presence. It sounds like B-Mack had a lot of fun making the track and that is something we always love to witness!