Barnum’s Freak is a progressive rock band with their own sense and definition of normalcy. The four piece, new age spiritualists draw their artistic purpose and vision from the convoluted social contracts that we, as a society engage in. Their music jarringly brings out the invisible constructs and the hidden realities that enslave our mind, body and soul. In their latest track, Penelope, Barnum’s Freak crafts an arresting mystical folk song. With raw textures and mesmerizing melodies, its sound is both slumberous and boldly awakening. 

The track sweeps open with folk winds, carrying the sounds of stray flutes and luminous strings with it. Along the edge of this acoustic breeze, the vocals sprout, soft harmonies at first; before it becomes a commanding classical presence. Its hypnotic subtext is revolutionary as it is borne by a weaving basket of glinting strings and piano melodies.  Orchestral folk formations flood the backdrop; led by the oriental flute, it reinforces the outworldly passion in the vocals. 

Hailing from Naples, Italy, Barnum’s Freak consists of Sergio Vassetti on the Keyboard, Salvatore Oroso on Drums, and Massimiliano Romano on the Guitar. The band debuted in 2021 with Darkness Between the Lights and has since released four singles including this one. 

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Penelope by Barnum’s Freak here –