Blind Man’s Daughter is an avant garde electro pop and hip-hop artist. But come to think of it, no boundary is ever insurmountable to an artist like her. She is able to always traverse and find a unique sonic perspective. Her latest release is ‘Close Enough to Whisper’, an ethereal and cerebral track. It had a conceptual loftiness that you rarely see in artists this age.the composition is a fluid and formless presence, that seems to intuitively adapt to the emotional state of the vocals. This cohesion and sophisticated unity allows the listener to experience the track on the same level that it was conceived at.

The track opens with mellow synth pulses, vocal echoes, and quivering instrumentals. Trap beats scatter across the rhythm line. But the rest of the track forms spontaneously. The artist’s vocals are mercurial and changing always, sometimes creating an echoing sphere and other times, flattened with experimental textures and production. The track is about a dream come true that is close enough to touch. And she launches this theme into realms of mystique, dream, and surrealism. Listen Now!

Blind Man’s Daughter debuted in 2023 with album, ‘Sundressed’ and has since released four more singles since. She is all set to put out her upcoming album, ‘Silence in the Forgotten Light’. It is all set to release in late 2024. Make sure to watch the artist’s discography and socials for more information.

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

You can listen to ‘Close Enough to Whisper’ by Blind Man’s Daughter here –