This track is all about dual sensibilities, as is the style of Blindness & Light. The artist has a penchant for creating immersive sonic experiences that take us to ravishing places within ourselves and create worlds within worlds. In this new single The Tannhäuser Gate, Blindness & Light unfurls a dystopian world, its mystical majesty reigning with cruising synths, and prophetic echoes.

The gradual construction of the track indicates the crafting of a world. The metallic sweeps of synths, the slight chimes, and the ruminative beats, in the beginning, euphonize the slow infiltration of overwhelming darkness. As the song rolls into the next segment, the celestial harmonies bring a sanguine perspective to the song. And slowly, with the addition of each layer, we see the elegant simultaneity of dystopia and utopia, unraveling side by side.

The synth escalades and the beguiling build speaks to the virtuosic skill of the artist. A beam of electric guitar melody scales the skies of this outworldy world like a shooting star. A promise of lysergic languish and doom parallels the expanding feeling of euphoria. Released on the Winter Solstice, the track comes with all kinds of cosmic implications. It’s upto you to uncover your version of it!

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