Blue Shirt Charlie is a pioneering alt-country and americana band from Tennessee. Characterized by hauntingly beautiful lyrics weaved into a layered vocal and acoustic atmosphere, the band’s passion for the genre inspires the listener’s. Their use of nostalgic sound pallets and frames douses the listener in a timeless sonic haze. Blue Shirt Charlie has just released their latest single, Misty. And true to its title, the soundscape induces a refreshingly dazed state of mind with its slates of harmonies and smooth melodies. Lines of poetry dance into glowing pools of guitar melodies. The pounding beat rhythm collates the swelling warmth of it all and loops it back into the dazzling fabric to create an infinite loop of emotion.

The band was originally formed in the 90s at the dawn of the alt-country movement. After a few good years, the band went into a hiatus during which time its members, Richie Sessions, Russ Chapman, and Lex Lipsitz wrote songs and tunes for artists like Wade Bowen and toured with Shooter Jennings/Stargunn, etc. They reconvened in 2022 to revive their sound with themes of hope and renewal, tempered by the melancholy of woeful experiences. They have since released three singles, each one a beautiful gem in its own right.

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

You can listen to Misty by Blue Shirt Charlie here –