Cat Cork is a singer-songwriter and musician based in Australia. His name comes from his love for and friendship with cats. Having released his debut album in 2016 and taken a hiatus, he is back in 2024 with an album “Silver and Gold” whose third track is “Disappear”.

“Disappear” is energetically quite consistent except for the last minute where the song surprises you with heavier rock instrumentation. The track starts off with rhythmic, strong, heavy and anthemic percussion with short chords on the strings. The instrumentation has a lot of space in between which makes the song feel light. The lead vocals by Cat Cork are light and whisper-like and the vocal harmonies in the vocal layering is scattered liberally to create ambience.

The song takes its own time to build up and takes its space even between the already airy production. The first three verses and melodically similar with a consistent beat giving the listener the impression that we know what to expect. This makes the entrance of the electric guitar even more rewarding. The bass on the section is well-done and while it is loud, it manages to maintain its dreamy essence.

The verses are short like poetry and lyrically, Cat Cork seems to be talking about death. Each verse starts with “Bury us together” and ends with “We can stop and disappear”. The first verse hints at the end with lines “gather stones to pile on” while the second and third verses talk speak about inseparability and permanency respectively. The theme is that of solidarity and love found in the gruesome process.

I found Cat Cork to be an artist who experiments and pushes the boundaries in the field of songwriting. I hope to hear more from him!