Coma Beach is a band based in Germany that experiments with the genres of Punk Rock and Alternative Rock. They self-admittedly often explore themes of pain, chaos, rage and isolation and are influenced by bands like Guns N’ Roses and Sex Pistols. They have been releasing music since 2023 and have 5 singles and an album under their belt. Their latest release “I won’t listen” is the first single from the EP titled the same.

“I won’t listen” starts off with very breezy electric guitar that has a cool strumming patterns that reminds one of summer. Along with the bass-heavy percussion, these two elements form the instrumental foundations of the track. The vocal performance resembles spoken word that has a rhythm to it, coming off even as anthemic at time. The quality of roughness in the voice of the lead singer is displayed unabashedly and used to the genre’s advantage.

The production feels very homegrown and independent primarily because the track keeps it simple instrumentally. This grassroots nature is especially reflected in the sonic tone of the guitar solos. The song gains speed and momentum as it progresses and escalates in terms of intensity and energy. I thought that the audio production on the second guitar solo used sonic space experimentally.

Lyrically the track explores self-reliance, independence and rebellion. It has the spirit of youth in it that is so foundationally against being told what to do. To unsolicited advice that often does not make sense, the song says “I won’t listen”. There is also a hint of nihilism that is characteristic to Coma Beach who are influenced by authors like Samuel Beckett, Willian Shakespeare and Arthur Schopenhauer. The track takes a more pessimistic outlook of how there is nothing in the world worth joy and gets fairly vengeful against anyone who sees the bright side. Make sure to check out “I won’t listen” by Coma Beach here: