To Dan Becker, music is an atmosphere that forms around him. It washes over him and gushes out. And he just happens to be an incredibly creative medium. The composer and pianist is known for music that casts a conceptual ambience in a way that transforms your reality for a few moments. He grasps at passing through, natural phenomenon, pockets of memory, and universal experiences. It is as if he absorbs their rhythm, melody, sensibilities, their complete essence and infuses it into his soundscapes. His latest release is ‘Abject’, a sophomore album sporting thirteen songs. As the title suggests, they are all explored in the absolute, utter, and complete. Each track gets into a mundane frame, shaped by common human experiences and rhythms. You’ll see time and actions correlated thematically quite a bit. Be it in tracks like ‘The Wait’, ‘The Years’, ‘Oversight’, or ‘Retrospect’.

iTunes Artwork for 'Abject (by Dan Becker)'

‘Morning Rush’ is another beautiful piece that plays with these two factors. The piano keys seem to fall from an elevation, bouncing off in a symmetrical drama. Its rhythm is continuous, irrevocable and unstoppable, like time itself. Dan portrays it with such incredible insight. He doesn’t go for the obvious, rushed flows. But tackles it a little more contextually, ambiently. The solemn tone, delicate urgencies, and subtle inflections of time beautifully project the theme. Listen Now! 

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