Deep Dive Species is a virtual band based in New York City. Its members Vadim Militsin and Sergey Popovich came together during and self-admittedly because of the lockdown for Covid to create music together. They have been officially releasing music since 2022 and have two albums and four singles under their belt. Their new single ‘Unconditional” is a short and soothing instrumental track!

The track is one that starts off with one element and slowly layers other instruments on top of it to create at the end of it what feels like a symphony of sounds that are in harmony with one another. The building up starts with a shimmery and glittery element in the background that immediately makes the listener feel nostalgic. It sets the perfect tone to play a montage over.

The guitar with a very ethereal string tone plays a simple single note melody that repeats itself throughout the track. The violins that join have a semi-urgent feeling to them and become the reason for much of the pacing of the track. The keys have a vintage sound to them and play the simple lead melody. We hear another set of strings in the background that do the heavy-lifting when it comes to keeping the ambience alive. The percussion is dominated by the bass and sounds like stomping but it not nearly as harsh. Towards the end each of the elements fall away quickly, letting a wash of airy-synth finish the track off.

The cover art feels accurate because that is the feeling that the track leaves you with. Standing in bright sun on the beach holding the hands of someone you love! Check our “Unconditional” by Deep Dive Species here: