Divining Rod is an alt-country rock band led by Hawaiian-born multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, and artist Miyuki Furtado who plays alongside guitarist/vocalist, Patrick Harmon, bassist Matt Svigals, and drummer, John Malone. Their brand of soul-tinged country music is redolent of all things human, ranging from melodic, playful, and rowdy soundscapes to tender blues, nostalgia, and melancholy. Divining Rod has just released its last single of 2022, Mason Country Line. 

The band debuted in the summer of 2017 with their double single, Hemlock Blues/Love Come Tumbling. With three singles in 2018 and an album in 2019, the band emerges post-pandemic with this lively new single. Full of zeal and played with heart, the song has an expansive emotional quotient.

The band mixes the home-grown country sound with classic soul-rock energy. And as we stream through the nostalgia of blues rock, we are nourished by the fresh country vocals. Wisps of acoustics embellish the molten swells of the rock guitar. This tumulus use of such diverse styles creates blurred lines of mesmerizing euphony that keeps us guessing. Add to this mix vivacious beats that celebrate and rejoice, and we’ve got ourselves an exhilarating outburst of emotions.

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