Singer-songwriter, E!ENA makes sense of herself and her life in her debut single, bittersweet. Edging the thin line between mystique and realism, the song is all about duality. The artist uses the song to embody the stress that comes with growing up and adjusting to life on our own. Inspired by Billie Eilish and Amy Winehouse, the artist incorporates a disorienting melancholy that plays with our sense of time as we free fall into the folds of our memories.

Soothing and relaxing, acoustic guitar strings and upbeat drums introduce us to the song. Vintage and rich, the song is loaded with vinyl melodies and the strength of musty vocals. Immersive and completely mesmerizing, the song sparkles with the melancholy and sweet pain of growing into ourselves as young adults.

Surreal, yet astoundingly clear, the track is mellow and flows with a chill vibe. Its tranquility  energy is born out of its nostalgic happiness and hopeful dreams. Depth-infusing clouds of harmonies pass through the track, raining candy hearts of melancholy. The vocals unfold with cascading modulations and stories of delicate moments. A feeling of deja vu envelopes us and houses us in its hazy reality.

The melodies bridge the unconnected lines of surrealism and stark clarity as the lyrics fill the gaps with intricately textured stories. We are further drawn into the vintage pool by the crackling sound of vinyl records. Whimsical knots of molten guitar melodies allow for seamless transitions between timelines as the artist harnesses the romance of the past times and pain of its experiences.

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