Energy Whores is a music project comprising of singer-songwriter Carrie Schoenfeld and guitarist Attilo Valenti. The duo often makes music that is explicitly political and dabble in the genres of electronic, pop, punk and EDM. They have been releasing music since 2021 and their latest single “Mach9ne” is experimental and chaotic in all the best ways possible!

The track starts off with a rhythmic electronic beat reminiscent of nostalgia for 80s disco music. The bass on the track runs in the background, grounding it and providing an urgent ambience. The vocals are intentionally robotic and the monotone makes sense in the context of the lyrics. I thought that the synth added atmosphere effectively and the screams and sound effects were hypnotic.

Energy Whores do a great job of switching between the smooth synth-heavy sections and the metallic beat-heavy sections. The juxtaposition of the two with primal beat drops that serve as transitions along with a touch of mystery are what make the track what it is. The track winds down with bowed string work before one last beat drop.

Lyrically the tune is sung from the point of view of a machine that uses the word “I” liberally. I thought that this shift in point of view was an interesting choice from a songwriting perspective. The track warns us of an electronic take over and feels particularly relevant given the rapid development of AI and worldwide protests demanding fair use.

Whether it be the name of their music project, track title or cover art I enjoy the creativity, sense of irony and the unique quirky touch Energy Whores bring to the table.