Eternity Songs is a relatively new project by the talented composer Holland Nelson. According to Nelson, a head injury caused by an accident was the starting point of an unstoppable flow of songwriting. Music is literally flooding out of Nelson ever since, leading to 14 singles released already this year. The song Roswell (Final Fight) has an electronic vibe combined with melodic rhythms. 

With raw vocals as the anchoring factor, the song is accentuated by rippling synth details, dance beats, robotic and electronic elements and faint harmonies in the background. The chaotic union of these elements have an undeniably compelling effect on the listener. Impressive guitar work underlies the outro and is also used to transition from chorus to verses and bridges. 

The song sports a lyrical intensity that is mirrored and amplified by the vocals. The song critiques the culture and history of war, it’s tragedies, injustice, destruction, violence and pain. It throws light on the shadows of war that often go unnoticed and provokes the listener to remember forgotten stories and to uncover untold narratives. The artist imprints visuals of vast deserts with endless blue skies populated by falling flights on the canvass of the song. In doing this, the artist strives to shatter all delusions surrounding war and it’s aftermath. For the same reason, it lyrically images atomic bombs and pairs it with a faint sound of a bomb exploding. 

Featuring co-writer Hugh Macdonald, another fresh artist, the song combines electric rhythms, energetic beats, strapping vocals and a powerful message. An impassioned song – its unapologetic, raw and honest. 

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