Fugu Quintet is a Modern Jazz band from Saint Petersburg, Russia. They have been releasing music since 2017 and have a single and EP under their belt. They are back in 2024 with their debut album titled “Interweavement” whose first track is the five minute long “Firefly”.

The track starts off with keys that are high pitched and sound like they are being played on a xylophone. The light notes fall on the ear like ear drops and, in the background, we hear the synth giving the track a sombre ambience. This introduction is broken almost a minute into the track by Fugu Quintet when blaring Jazzy horns make a grand entrance sounding like it is straight out of Broadway. The bass guitar and percussion that accompany the horns keep it subtle in this section.

Midway, the track switches pace and the instrumentation picks up speed. The percussion and rhythmic strings are allowed to be slightly more prominent in this section while the horns continue to take centre stage. I thought this change in pace by Fugu Quintet was interesting and proof of versatility. The last minute gives us a more stripped-down version of the track, allowing it to wind down.

The smooth horns are the star of the show and I liked the improvisational directions it took during the track.  I thought that the other instruments did a good job of being in harmony with the main element while at the same time giving it space to shine.

If you are looking for smooth modern Jazz to wind down with in the evenings, “Firefly” by Fugu Quintet is for you!