Gianfranco is a multi-faceted artist with an eloquence with diverse styles and genres. His niche lies in how he is able to create and convey dimensions within emotions, ideas, sonic structures, and listening experiences. The artist’s music forms on a spectrum of rock, soul, blues, funk, and jazz; The fluidity of which he enunciates spectacularly. Like a caretaker, he feeds these genres, nurtures them and elevates them. In his latest release, ‘Are You Lost’, the artist adopts a retro pop-rock aesthetic, fleshing the thematic emotions out with members of funk and jazz. It is reminiscent of a blend between Eric Clapton and Elton John. Listen Now! 

The track is about lending a helping hand to a fellow human, one who is feeling lost, aimless, and powerless. With Gianfranco’s soothing baritones polishing the instrumentals, the soundscape seemingly expands with its sentiments and intentions. Like most of his compositions, there are innumerable layers, atmospheres and arcs within the single. They all, grooves, acoustics, electric guitar, and sax all come together to spell out the essence of hope, harmony, and the joy of helping. 

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