Get ready to run out the door with this brand-new track, Emergency Exit by Griffen Handshake. Using banging basslines, blazing riffs, and vibrant beats, the alternative rock duo builds a fiery punk furnace. By harnessing the urgency and force of the punk genre, the theme of the song is realized. Based in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, this modern rock outfit comprises brothers, Millen (guitar and vocals) and Arjun Schuchert (drums and vocals). So brace yourself for some chaotic sonics!

The composition comes alive with variant rock flavors. Showing off accents of grunge, garage rock, and flying punk, the track has a momentum of 100 rpm. And when combined with dual vocals, the track takes on the form of an anthem. The tsunamic basslines carry a sizzling heat as they swallow the voracious tides of riffs and beats. All in all, it is an electrifying beast, with its tendrils of molten solos and screeching sonics flaring ferociously.

The duo released their debut single, Complicated in July 2019 and has since released six astounding singles and their debut album, My Box; each a sensation of its own. Their latest 5-song EP, IN YOUR FACE, featuring Emergency Exit, is a tumulus revolution with visceral beats, ricocheting vocals, and monstrous riffs.

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