Following the sunny disposition of her previous release (Messy), Australian singer-songwriter, Holly Wild dissects and divulges the contents of her mind with the dingy melancholia of her new single, Inside My Head. The track is a seamless amalgamation of diverse styles from dark pop, folk, and electronica. 

The track is loaded with emotion and experience carried by the wrenching vocals. It splatters against the gleaming walls of melody and slow beats. You can’t help but be absorbed by the confessional lyricism, performed with a desperate vulnerability. The song illuminates the world that lives inside our head. Swelling epiphanies are juxtaposed with spiraling thoughts. 

Holly does a brilliant job showcasing the all-consuming reality of anxiety, insecurity, fear, and self-doubt. It is so easy to be imprisoned by thoughts as they slowly swallow your sanity. By erecting a commanding soundscape, the artist recreates the feeling of claustrophobia before she vanquishes the little voice inside the head with grace and power. 

As a narrative songwriter, Holly presents the story with empathy and emotion. Influenced by her own experiences and personal journeys, her work is colored by an affecting authenticity. 

The track is available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Inside My Head by Holly Wild here –