Hypnotic Clambake is a four-piece folk music outfit that has been exceeding all expectations since 1989. Founded by frontman and accordionist, Maury Rosenberg, in Boston, the group has beguiling vintage sensibilities and retro formations. Their debut album, Square Dance Messiah, was released in 1991 and featured sixteen eclectic beat-driven tracks with diverse imprints from various genres. Varicose Brain was their fourth album. Opened by Fool in Love, the track sets the mood for Hypnotic Clambake ‘s sunny, accordion-driven persona in the album. And harnessing the essence of folk, the band’s sound brings people and communities together.

The track has the simplicity of the time it was made in. And to listen to it now evokes a nostalgia for the times gone by. Combining folk styles with retro funk and a touch of jazz, the song beams like a warm blue summer sky. The hearty accordion tunes are paired with smooth violins, vintage synths, and trumpets to create a delightful romantic capsule. Redolent of Sinatra, the band is able to open our eyes to the wonder of love and life.

Hypnotic Clambake has an ever-evolving sound, both across albums and within single songs. And their bright tones, movement-driven rhythm, and universal themes appeal greatly to the emotive faculty. Their music has a way of momentarily purging the mind of demons and the heart of sadness. So come get lost in the feel-good and gay world of Hypnotic Clambake.

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