Intercontinen7al is a global band comprising thirty musicians from fifteen countries. It is the first-ever band to have recorded music and instrumentation across all seven continents. Spanning across the musical landscape, the free genre band explores all styles from rock, blues, jazz, folk, pop, Latin, soul, funk, metal, gospel, prog, classical, reggae, and bluegrass, to show tunes. In their new track, Some Thousand Feet High, Intercontinen7al does a wonderful job of blending genres like R&B/Soul, funk, blues, and jazz to create a melancholic weave.

The track has a mellow ambiance with glistening textures and soft pads of melodies. Smooth lines of guitar acoustics marry into a diverse family of beaming jazz-funk to evoke all the blues. The stripped-down canvas is a delightful way to showcase soul sensibilities. And the unornate vocals and high harmonies especially thrive in this setting.

Since its formation in 2020, this versatile group has released three self-titled volumes of music, showcasing the musical flavors and cultures of the world. You can learn more about the band and follow their work here:

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You can listen to Some Thousand Feet High by Intercontinen7al here-