Izec Maria is an independent musician based in Massachusetts and North Carolina. He has been consistently releasing music since 2020, building up an extensive discography of singles. His latest single “Why Do I try” is a track that infuses emo and punk elements within rock and features fellow artists Shay T and Florecita.

The track starts off with an urgent electric guitar riff followed by the vocals of Izec Maria. The sound effects used on his vocals are highly electronic and echoed out, adding to the hyper-pop ambience that the track is going for. The guitars are grungy and intentionally chaotic while the percussion is rhythmic and upbeat. The chorus is emotionally charged and feels like the release of pent-up energy both sonically and lyrically. The track winds down with really beautiful strings and overall feels similar to the kind of new-age instrumentation artists like Quadeca are experimenting with.

Florecita’s vocals are sweet and soothing, cutting through the chaos and standing in juxtaposition to it. Her voice is peaceful and reminds one of the early 2000s pop music artists like Pinkpantheress are recreating. Shay T gives an impressive performance as well. “Why Do I Try” genuinely feels like a collaborative effort which is not common on tracks that feature artists. The track makes space for all three musicians to shine.

Lyrically the track explores the aftermath of heartbreak.  The rage towards the person responsible for your pain and nihilism about life itself is explored. I liked how the writing felt very young and Gen Z, making references to social media and Instagram.

If you are looking to add a hyper-pop track to your playlist, “Why Do I Try” by Izec Maria is the one for you!