Jacko Hooper is a singer-songwriter and artist from Brighton, UK. His brand of song is emotionally compelling and euphonically overwhelming. Fusing bedroom pop with dreamy sensibilities and cinematic production, the artist bejewels the auditory canals. In his latest single, Getting No Place Fast, Jacko Hooper explores the folds of melancholy with ruminative lyricism and hazy melodies. 

Vibrant lavender synths create a splashy ambience as they pave the path for Hooper’s bare vocals. The track showcases rich layers of sound. It has a very vintage appeal. Dancing harmonies and acoustic strings are etched on the hazy synth flows. Along with the drums, the artist beautifully uses them to control the rhythm and tone of the song. The whole listening experience is like watching a colorful kite swaying against the clear blue sky: it centers and soothes the soul. 

The artist was an incredibly private musician, writing music from the comfort of his home. But once he gave in and made it public, his talent spread like wildfire; leading him to share the stage and perform with artists like James Blunt, James Bay, Cher Faker, Michael Kiwanuka, Amber Run among others. He also runs one of South Coast’s leading independent promotion companies and boutique record labels called Folklore Sessions. 

This track is available to stream on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Getting No Place Fast by Jacko Hooper here –