Jacqueline Kroft delves into the birth of song with her piano preludes. With a romantic spirit and curious mind, she crafts dainty scores that rise and fall like tides. Her collection of piano pieces are beautiful companions for a reflective mood. Their classical design presents modern themes speaking to the versatility and universality of her sound. Piano Prelude 06 (Catch Up) is taken from Kroft’s Piano Preludes Vol. 2. It follows the release of her 2022 EP, Piano Preludes Vol. 1, continuing the five-part series. 

Kroft describes these piano pieces as the results of an investigation into the source of her sound. Incredibly personal and vulnerable, in revealing her creative process, she reveals herself as an artist. 

The soft keys spill into the ears, uninhibited and uncensored. It is honest and beautiful in its cadence. An uninterrupted stream of alto underlies the inquisitive soprano/tenor keys. The somber base is an appealing contrast to the playfulness of the branching melodies. A sense of soothing calm washes over you, stemming from an innocent purity. Like hearing a child laugh or watching leaves chase each other in the wind. 

The track is available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Piano Prelude 06 (Catch Up) by Jacqueline Kroft here – 

Check out the music video here shot by Chloe Thorne in the South Pacific