Jameson Tabor is an electro-pop artist headlining his sound with a retro-contemporary fusion that is fresh as hell. With flashing blues and dancing beats, the artist’s sound appeals to the dance in all of us. His compositional style and charisma is reminiscent of ‘King Of Pop’, Michael Jackson. It’s edgy and bold with a fluid expression of sensuality, love, and gender. In his new single, In The Glove, Jameson Tabor marries alt-pop with dreamy soul to create balloons of passion.

In The Glove has a dub-step rhythm that weaves into playful soul vocals. With voracious vocal segues and choral harmonies, the artist brings in a range of influences to the song. We can see vibing ghosts of 60s blues, 70s disco beats, 80s urban pop, and 90s emo-soul floating through this contemporary exhibition of EDM-Pop. So come dance!

The artist has many accolades to his name. He debuted in 2016 with his single, Eyes Shut that lead up to the release of his debut EP, PURSUIT. His first musical video for his song “Pull Me In” won at the Eurasia International Film Festival. In 2020, his song, “Black Dust” won the Global Music Awards, making statements on diversity and inclusion. Jameson is a self-made artist, banking on his roots and his vision to create spectacular music. He has also written and recorded with several Grammy award-winning producers and songwriters.

You can learn more about the artist’s music and merch at : www.jamesontabor.com

Available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

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