Jane Marie writes about her heart in ways that irreversibly connect ours to hers. After having worked with BBC, Channel 4, and on films, and stage musicals, the artist collaborated with vocalist Jessica Mia and sound engineer, Tim Walker for her solo project. And released their first album, Songs of 2022, in which she explores themes like love, loss, and life. True to her style, the album is a heartfelt narrative that refreshes your perspective. In her latest release, Fade Away, Jane Marie casts us in a blue haze of slumberous melancholy.

The artist claims Coldplay, Adele, Paul McCartney, and Elton John as her primary influences. And with their storytelling flair, she crafts surreal euphonic universes that are thoroughly immersive. In Fade Away, the artist gives us glimpses of a love life with naturalistic imagery blended with sentiment and rich emotional value.

Using cool sound pallets, the soundscape is orchestrated to soothe and hypnotize. Mia’s crisp vocal acoustics twirl into the changing instrumentation patterns. Led by swirling mists of harmonies, the piano, violins, and guitar melodies form a soothing circuit of melancholy. The production on it is seamless, masterfully blending the sounds without taking away from each one’s unique magic.

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